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Creating space for stillness

We live in a fast-paced world, constantly surrounded by a steady stream of news, social media, and notifications buzzing our phones.

Through Flow by Catie, it's my mission to create small pockets of stillness for each of us. A space where we can move gently, listen to our bodies, and calm our minds.

Through my offering of yoga classes, guided meditations, and curated playlists, I'm here to bring a little bit of ease within the effort of our daily lives.

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More than a yoga class. An experience.

For many of us, beginning yoga wasn't much more than taking an hour out of the day to hop on a mat and get some exercise in.

For many of us, after hours passed in practice, the benefits of

 yoga became so much more than that. It became an experience in both body and mind.

My online yoga classes here in Ireland are specifically designed to curate a high-vibe experience, because that's what I crave when I come to my mat for my own practice. I come to my mat not just for the benefits of the physical movements, but to create some headspace amidst a world of anxiety and to-do lists.

The Flow by Catie experience brings together mindfulness with intentional movement to elevate the heart rate, move the energy within the body, and gently wind you back down for the rest of your day.

If you're interested in bringing high vibration movement into your daily experience, Flow by Catie is your destination.


Class Schedule

Get Up & Glow

A high-energy, awakening vinyasa practice designed to start your day with some sunshine! Wake up & get glowing with mindful movement and breathwork. 

Class time: 40 minutes

Latest online yoga class offerings (via Zoom)

Fridays at 7:45am Irish Time

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Class Pricing

Get Up & Glow: €6.50

Corporate & Private yoga classes are available upon request.


Class passes & bundles are available on my booking site.


Hey, I'm Catie. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) and a lover of all things wellness. 

I'm originally from Ohio, USA. After living in the Cleveland area for a while, I then moved to San Diego, California when I got my Master's Degree in International Relations and fell in love with the beach!

I'm now living in Dublin, Ireland and work full time in marketing while also teaching yoga.

It's my goal to share the joy I have found in the things I love with the world and to bring a bit more mindfulness into all of our daily lives.

Contact me here.


Get to Know Me

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Eiméar H.

I am genuinely thrilled that I came across Catie’s ‘Flow by Catie’. The ‘Strong Girl Summer’ programme that I took part in in April was something that I didn’t know I needed. Such a wonderful community.


I’ve dabbled in Yoga on/off for a bit and Catie’s ‘Power Yoga’ is such a fun challenge, a game changer for me. After attending a couple of Catie’s workshops I also have a better understanding of Yoga and the Mind, Body, Soul connection. I could not recommend Catie’s classes highly enough!

Tara M.

Catie does an amazing job catering to every level of yogi. I always feel that I have a variety of options based on where I am that day.


I absolutely LOVE her Signature Power classes; they are a perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and meditation. I always leave her classes feeling stronger and grounded, both mentally and physically. Thank you, Catie!

Betina K.

SGS was more than what I had expected it to be. The community was amazing, filled with such beautiful souls. The classes and initiatives were so much fun, yet effective.


I never thought I could do a push up EVER! Now I can do it from a plank position, yay! Catie's energy is so vibrant, she is very supportive and encouraging - makes you believe you can achieve anything❤️

Jess M.

I started doing Caties classes back at the start of the year and I have been obsessed ever since. The power yoga is honestly the best yoga class I’ve attended, and despite it being all online, it feels no different to being in studio.

Catie’s personality and vibrance shine through during the class, and it's her upbeat personality and banging playlist that gets me through those chaturanga push ups everytime. Highly recommend.